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Periodic boat safety & security inspections

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Owning a boat can give you either great pleasure or become a worrying burden if things go wrong. Whether you visit your boat regularly, infrequently or are away on business or pleasure we can make regular inspections to detect early warning signs that a small problem may develop into a major event, in terms of cost and the functionality of your boat. We will alleviate the concerns associated with
owning a boat when you are not on board.

In all cases the services we offer are affordable and guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind in relation to your expensive asset. There is even more cause for concern if the boat is on a mooring. Our regular inspection packages will remove this worry.

No matter how often you check your boat or if you travel frequently, Boatminder is here to make boat ownership a pleasure without you having to constantly check the safety and security of your boat.

Problems can include;
   the boat breaking free from the mooring  and running aground or damaging other boats
   water ingress into the bilges or engine compartment
   batteries going flat (bilge pumps become inoperative)
   break and enter into the boat or theft of items inadvertently left on deck
   covers becoming affected by wind
   sails becoming unfurled, flapping and being damaged

Our services start from as low as $15 per month. Boatminder is your one-stop-shop for all your boating needs, not just inspection services. We want to get to know you so you can consider us a trusted contact to call when you need things done 24/7. We will make your boat as familiar to us as if it was our own boat. Nothing is too much trouble for us to attend to on your behalf. 

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0456 618 718