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The 2017 Starboard Black Blade

Sun, 12 Feb 2017

Stand Up PaddleStand Up Paddle
Armadale, WAArmadale, WA

SupWA Events at Champion Lakes, Armadale The Starboard Black Blade is the finest SUP?Short Course?regatta in Australia. The Black Blade was the first SUP Sprint race on a buoyed course in the world outside America. Competitors will race over 3 distance - 200m, 1000m and 5km. Come down to see?who will take out the title for?F[b]astest Paddler in the State [/b]for the 200m. Great fun format, with all divisions contesting state championship medals for the [b]best paddler across the 3 distances[/b]. This year also includes a PaddleLoop division. Paddlers wanting to cruise can enter the [b]Paddleloop Package [/b]- a [b]200m fun?run[/b] and a 4[b]km PaddleLoop [/b]- around the island at Champion Lakes - both with projected times. You choose the time you think you will get - should be great fun with the 200m - no paddling backwards or stopping! Board : 14' (must use the same board for all 3 races) [b]Divisions:[/b] Male Open Elite* Male U/40 Male O/40 Male O/50 Female Open Elite* Female U/40 Female O/40 Junior Division ? Entry fee is for all [u]3 races[/u]. [b]Overall points for Flatwater Champion across 3 distances [/b]- total time will be added from your 3 races to decide the Black Blade Champions. *Top 4 best?overall times will constitute the [b]Open Elite divsion [/b]- recognising the [b]most outstanding paldders [/b]in the State. Paddlers finishing outside the top 4 will then be broken down into [u]age divisions [/u]for the best times for each age category (top 3). There will be a [b]seeding race[/b] held to rank paddlers into A, B & C finals for 200m and 1000m. There are [u]no medals [/u]for 200m and 1000m races (this is no longer?a champion race - just a race to add to your overall time), except the [b]200m[/b] [b]Open Elite Medal for the fastest paddler in the State (first 4).[/b] All races work toward the [b]final overall tim[/b]e to determine the [b]Age Group Divisions [/b]- this means paddlers will race against paddlers with [u]similar speeds, rather than just similar age[/u], but will still end up competing for their Age Group Championship (Unless they are too fast and end up in the top 4 overall - becoming an Open Elite Champion - the top paddlers in the State!). Registration & Briefing: 0700 Racing: 0800 ? SupWA Events Link: supwa.tidyclub.com/public/events/7279-The 2017 Starboard Black Blade