PKRA - Day 2 - Dakhla Trials Come to Completion

Day 2 - Dakhla Trials Come to Completion


With steady winds in the northeast direction, the Moroccan and international trials came to a close on day two of the PKRA Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup event. The trials showcased the best of local talent, with Mohmed Hamaini and Mohmed Hassouni earning wildcard placements. Among the 14 international competitors to move onto the final, Stefan Speissberger achieved the highest overall heat score with a 6.1 average. Eudazio Da Silva also impressed with a Blind Judge 7 - the highest scored trick of the entire day’s competition at 8.3. Liam Whaley and Christophe Tack also shined, leaving much to be anticipated in the days to come, as did Kevin Langeree, who advanced on his first year back on tour since recovering from knee surgery.

Kevin Stefan

The second day of the Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup Event also marked the first ever official use of the new computerized scoring system. While the system was utilized to determine trial heat winners, this will not be the case for future events (it will be employed only for main heats in upcoming competitions) - the Dakhla trials simply provided the perfect opportunity to test the new system. As expected, the iPad scoring method succeeded in providing accurate, fast, and reliable readings. This, in turn, marks a major turning point for the PKRA and the world of competitive kiteboarding.

Day 2 Judges

For the third day of competition, winds of up to 23 knots are expected, which will allow for the start and possible completion of the single elimination round. Witnessing very close heats throughout the day’s trials, competitors and spectators alike look forward to a charged third day, filled with action and enthusiasm. In fact, the anticipation of the coming day’s events remains palpable throughout the camp’s large dining hall and hillside of bungalows.

News and updates throughout the day can be found on the PKRA’s Facebook and Twitter feed, with the day’s photos linked below. - Official Partner of the PKRA World Tour

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