Kite, Surf Sup store having an online auction

Phil over at is having an auction, with stock from every corner of the KSS store;

New & used; has been loaded into their website for an online auction.

KSS has 'shed' loads to shift so almost everything listed WILL GO to the highest bid - ie there very few reserve prices.

There are also 'mystery prices' in there. Bid the less than BUY NOW price they have on record & the item is yours before the auction is even

Click here to see the auction, & please tell everyone you know

Summer Shop Hrs are continuing thru till 1st June so come in if you want to check the items before bidding.

pssst - one of the mystery prices is an absolute give-away on one of the Shinn Duke fully fitted kite-surfboards RRP $1000.

Some other crazy low random prices as well.

Like KSS on FB to follow the news of mystery price winners, new items & few other surprises we have planned along the way.

Huge thanks to 'Shannon from 'Fresh Web Media' for the awesome work setting it all up. Highly recommended web guru.


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