Offshore Superboat Series Returns to Newcastle this weekend


3:14 AM Fri 1 May 2009 GMT
'Newcastle Harbour - F1 Superboats Newcastle June 2008' &copy Click Here to view large photo
The fastest Offshore Powerboats in Australia will return to Newcastle for the next round of the Australian championships on the 2nd and 3rd May 2009.

The Newcastle race course is unique in that the team will be racing in two different types of conditions, the open ocean and the calm harbour waters.
Spectators will have a great view and see speeds of up to 220kph as the offshore powerboats race into the harbour before navigating a two buoy turn and race back out to sea to complete another lap.

The class1 fight will continue with 7 teams out to win, Maritimo leads the charge half way through the season with the leaser powered Global racing in second place showing that consistency and reliability are the key to offshore racing.

Chasing them both will be, Acme, Impact Steel, Simrad and the two new teams of Team 3 and The Good Guys both getting used to new boats and hope to come on stronger as they have more seat time in race boats.

A close battle in Superboat Outboard with the SUV Dodge Ram team of Matt Humphrey and Simon Isherwood on top and the Saracen team of Antony DeFina and Nigel Craven close behind but they wont have things their own way with the Kwozzy 2 team of Jim Harris and Adam Nicolls getting a handle on their new boat and Blade Custom Boats with Cameron Davis and Brett Luhrmann on board have shown great speed but minor technical problems have held them back from the podium.

Superboat Outboard Lite has two new teams, Kwozzy with new owners Greg Collins and Jan Imrie both of who can not race the Newcastle round so they have in listed Karl Wall on the Throttles and Mark Taylor driving to give the boat its first shake down race, Also Shaken Not Stirred will return with Brian Dale and Brooke Ullrich in the enclosed canopy craft.

Team Tiger (formally Elders) Team of Mick Walker and Gary Smith Have the class lead with the Berwicks Team of Ian Harris and Graham Fraser are on their heels after some modification did not go to plan the boat is back up to speed.

The Hog's Breath team of Paul Gibbs and Paul Fowlds hope to have the new boat on track after a few minor teething problems at the Geelong round.

The Dry pits and craning area is at Throsby Wharf on Honeysuckle Dve, Newcastle Boats will be on display Saturday and Sunday 2nd and 3rd May 2009.

Practice session is on Saturday 2nd May between 2pm and 3pm.

Racing starts at 11am Sunday 3rd May (Duration Approx 1hr).

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