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Surfing Dogs in a Wave Pool. Rolling down the road?

That dream became reality!
You wouldn’t dream about it, but these pups stole the show during the Rose Bowl Street parade in Pasedena, California. They did it; by going surfing as they rolled down the street in an incredible float which incorporated a wave pool!

That’s right, a mini wave pool with wheels. For dogs. Covered in flowers. Rolling down a street lined with hundreds of thousands of spectators.

It was thought up by a foundation called Lucy Pet, and they not only set out to help dogs go surfing, they wanted to break a record. Not only is this float the longest single chassis parade float in the world, it’s also the heaviest thanks to 42,000kg worth of water contained in it. Quite the feat let along incorporating a fully functional wave pool, which was the work of Bruce Bridges, designer for ‘American Wave Machines’. They’re working on a come-back for Kelly Slaters wave pool, but in the meantime there’s always a need for waves for dogs!

Started in 1890, the Rose Bowl Parade is just what you’ve seen in the movies. Elaborately decorated floats with people standing on top, all driving down the road slowly in a big line. Commentators try and act excited about each and every one, and around the US, people sit behind their TV’s and watch it all.

Get a taste of what it’s all about by watching these surfing dogs in a wave pool below!


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