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Sunshine Coast - which kites to bring?

Created by GregTheDane > 9 months ago, 24 Apr 2012
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> 9 months ago, 24 Apr 2012 04:50
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Hello kiters.

I am a guy from Denmark doing a school exchange on the sunshine coast from july until new years. Hope you will help me out on what gear to bring down to maximize my first australian kite experience :).

Been riding since 2006. I weigh about 85kg and ride a 132x42 TT on the flat and I plan to be riding the spots north and south of maroochydore. I am about to buy the RRD obsession pro (c-kite, 20m lines). I plan to buy and bring down the 9m, 10.5m and have not decided on the 12 or 13.5 yet.

One thing is looking at windcharts, but what are you locals thinking on whether to choose the 12 og 13.5 meter as the biggest kite, considering my weight? Thing is that I usually prefer no bigger than 12 (more agility and fun), but I am willing to go bigger if you have many low wind days - this again being from july until new years.
Any risk that I would be unhappy without a kite smaller than 9m? :)

What sizes are best suitable/most used when venturing into wave kiting in the same area?

Any advice or experiences are welcomed! If this knowledge is already to be found on the forum please direct me since i did not find it :)

Thanks a lot! - Greg

Kurt Savage
QLD, 138 posts
> 9 months ago, 25 Apr 2012 07:26
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I would definitely go the 13.5 if you use a twin twip. Not sure on the RRD bottom end though....

The season is almost done and won't kick in again till around September.
You may get the odd good day between now and then though.
There are a few spots for winter wind (SW-W) but they aren't fantastic and travel is needed.

I'm 92kg and run a 10,11,13 and 17, with 13 being the most used size for me over an average year. A lot of guys ride under powered with wave kites around 10-12m and surfboards doing waveriding / downwinders only and seem to be content the waves are smallish and sloppy most of the time. But when it's good it is really good!

There's lots of friendly locals and you will have some great rides into spring and summer. Just be sure to check in with the locals on any area info - like cotton tree at Maroochydore and the do's and don'ts.

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> 9 months ago, 26 Apr 2012 19:01
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Hey Kurt, thanks for the input!

Are you riding c-kites or more bottom-end kites and how many knots for your 13 to start working well? The RRD is not the worst bottom end kite, but still c :)

Any guys on c kites around my weigth who ride 12s as the biggest? and then missing out on the really low days. I do realize that the much hotter air you have, does not deliver the same punch as here.

I'll be sure to check up on the do's an dont's too. Seems like you have some great spots there worth keeping!

Kurt Savage
QLD, 138 posts
> 9 months ago, 27 Apr 2012 13:01
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No I ride bridled kites, Best HP 10, Ozone 11,13 edges, 17 Waroo pro etc.

We have a few spots where current helps so if you like going backward and forward in the channel you get some nice relative power on flat water.

Our average wind in a good season is 15-20kts in summer.

QLD, 191 posts
> 9 months ago, 29 Apr 2012 11:04
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Hey Mate,
I ride the AIRUSH RAzor C 9m and 11m here at Maroochydore. As far as riding a 13m for lighter winds. I normally don't run a 13m C kite in lighter winds just because I don't consider C kites as good in lighter winds. I weigh 85kgs aswell and probably about 40 percent of the year I am on a 13m Delta Kite for the lighter winds, I also ride a 137 with boots so I like to ride with power. I normally only use my 11m C in 16-20 knots and 9m in 20-30. But yes there are a lot of days with 12-15 knots and we have to use the outgoing tide in the river mouths to get more power out of our kites. The warmer wind makes it a bit more challenging for light wind conditions. When the conditions are good the sunshinecoast is a great place to kite and you will love it here. Cya soon

SA, 12 posts
> 9 months ago, 30 Apr 2012 19:06
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Not to hijack your thread but seems relevant....

Heading up to SS coast tomorrow until about thursday / Friday. Just deciding if worth dicking around to bring up a kite? Happy to do so if chance I will squeeze one in, but seabreeze not looking too green for that area, but also not familiar with SS coast at all. Do I bother?

90kg riding 12m switchblade on 145cm TT.


Kurt Savage
QLD, 138 posts
> 9 months ago, 1 May 2012 06:36
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Unless you are there early this morning in the run out tide at Cotton tree or Caloundra I wouldn't bother.

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> 9 months ago, 7 May 2012 07:07
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Hi guys,

Thanks kurt and sckitesurf for the advice on the gear.

Had a low wind ride here at home on my new 13.5 c-kite, and loving the unhooked on it :)
Used to ride RPM 12 as my biggest kite and as SC says, the c-kite is not a low wind machine, but matches the pull of the rpm 12 after working it a bit to gain flying speed. The overlap from the 10.5 to 13.5 seems just fine too.

Completely hooked on btw!
Can't wait to get down there to cruise the flatwater!

Anyway, your advice helped me get an idea of the average(ish) winds and choose the sizes so thanks!



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