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Author A costing question
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Posted 25/3/2008, 9:07 am        Report
Im all new to this stuff and a freind who gave up a few years ago has offered me this stuff, is it worth while or should I just buy some newer secondhand depower foils for my ATB Quadrafoil 30 (3sqm) Peter Lynn N-GEN (5sqm) Peter Lynn Peel (7.2sqm) Peter Lynn Kite buggy approx A$500
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Posted 25/3/2008, 9:13 am        Report
Cazme, Bloody hell, That is a bargain, some serious old school kites there! One or two of them could be in this video.
Even as collectors items they would be worth more than that to PL fanatics. $500.... well worth it.
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Posted 25/3/2008, 11:08 am        Report
G'day Cazme Thems some pretty old kites there!! Depending on how old the PL is and condition, it would be worth about $300 bucks. $500 seems like a reasonable price for the equipemnt offered but I will assure you that you will be looking at new (more modern) kites before long. Things have come along way since the PL Peels and such. If you are looking for kites for you ATB you would be better of searching for some Second Hand De-Powerables. Know of a few floating (ha ha get it - floating ) around so fire me a PM if you need a point in the right direction. Troy
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Forums > Land Kiting > Buggying > A costing question
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