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mooring cost in moreton bay

Created by matt195583 > 9 months ago, 4 Dec 2009
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> 9 months ago, 4 Dec 2009 16:59
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hi all, I am just doing some research in reguard to the cost of mooring a small yacht in moreton bay on a mooring bouy. any information that you could share with me would be much appreciated .

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> 9 months ago, 9 Dec 2009 19:47
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Moreton bay is huge you'll have to narrow that down a little???

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> 9 months ago, 12 Dec 2009 11:17
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There are pile moorings in Cabbage Tree Creek at Shorncliffe/Sandgate that are administered by Qld Cruising Yacht Club.

We pay $25 per week, but had to join the club; plus there is usually a waiting list.

There are also pile moorings at Redcliffe Jetty for about the same price. Although 3 to 5 are always unoccupied, Moreton Regional Council (who administer them) have told me that they are officially occupied and that there is a 3-5 year waiting list to get a mooring.

In Pumicestone (Bribie) Passage, there are numerous moorings, both near the jetty at Bongaree and up closer to the bridge. Don't know who administers these, have a feeling the ones at the jetty may be linked somehow to the Club ...don't know whether it's an RSL or Bowling...just overlooking the moorings.

All of the Port of Bne moorings at Scarborough boat harbour have been removed to make way for another flash (read expensive) marina.

If you haven't bought the boat yet, before you do, first answer the elusive question, "where am I going to keep her?".

I think that there would be lots of regulations that you would have to investigate if you were thinking of "installing" a weight and leaving your boat on a mooring somewhere.


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> 9 months ago, 12 Dec 2009 11:52
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Agree. Don't try the illegal mooring bit. What has been happening in the Bundaberg Port Authority jurisdiction is that illegally moored boats have been hauled out and put in storage in a marina yard at the owners expence.

The costs associated with that can mount up fairly quickly. Cheers Cisco

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> 9 months ago, 20 Dec 2009 11:46
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I currently have a boomeroo 22 on a trailer . I am hoping to upgrade to a 28 odd ft keel boat in a few years time. I am just working on the actual yearly cost of such a boat . thank you all for your reply's ...... One thing i have learned is that you can apply to the port authority to set a mooring buoy . this costs a about $130 PA + about $2500 to have it set to start with + I would be liable for the maintenance on it ...... apparently there is a bit of a waiting list certain areas ........defiantly cheaper than a marina if it was to be kept for a few years .


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