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Need advice cheap or open the purse

Created by Spacepig > 9 months ago, 16 Mar 2012
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> 9 months ago, 16 Mar 2012 20:39
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I'm 6' and 102kgs live in Ballina NSW stopped surfing mals 18 months ago due to back problems.Tried a Sup 2weeks ago now I'm hooked.I think I need a board around 11' I want it for flat water fitness and small waves.My problem is I've seen boards up the Gold Coast at places like Sideways surf and Surfwarehouse, 11' plus paddle for $950. Does anybody know what these boards are like?? and is spending an extra $600 plus on say a Naish or Starboard worth it.I know you get what you pay for,but what do you get by spending extra money??
I'm a novice so I'm open to any suggestions and advice
Thanks to anyone who takes time to read this
Ps my smart**** daughter set up my profile "space pig" there must be a place I can change it.Only found Seabreeze while researching Sups how good is it.

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> 9 months ago, 16 Mar 2012 21:15
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I say spend the extra if you can

There's so much more to a good board than just the shape and how it paddles.

Like quality and finish.. The construction.. The deck pad.. (not just how it looks and feel but how it's stuck on and also how thick it is).. The fins etc.. and also most importantly the resale value.

If those things are not important to you and spending more is not an option the cheaper boards are fine.. They get you on the water,


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> 9 months ago, 16 Mar 2012 21:30
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Thanks for the reply,I know there are Bic 11'4" at reasonable price,like I said you get what you pay for.I hadn't really thought of resale but you are right.Do you think a Bic would suit my purpose??After so long out of the water I'm really keen to get back into it.

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> 9 months ago, 17 Mar 2012 09:11
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2012 Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Paddler - 10' 2"
Arrawarra Headland, NSW $950
[Click to view larger images of 2012 Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Paddler - 10' 2"]
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Contact Seller

Email Seller Call Steve in Arrawarra Headland, NSW
0427 660 056
Phone Seller Send Email to Seller
Email Seller Email Advert to a Friend

Click a photo to view
REDUCED ......... Almost new PSH 10'2" AA Hull Paddler and custom board bag purchased in January 2012 and only riden 4/5 times. A great board for beginner/intermediate level paddler/surfer and at 33" wide is easy to paddle on flat water or the surf.

Board is in as new condition and would suit a new board buyer.

More information on the board can be found on the following seabreeze link:

Price is negotiable as well as the inclusion of a new carbon fibre paddle for an all up price of less than $1000. Can also possibly assist with delivery anywhere between Gold Coast to Sydney.

Click here to send an Email

Location Arrawarra Headland NSW
Delivery Local Pickup Only
Payment Direct Deposit, Money Order/Bank Cheque

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> 9 months ago, 17 Mar 2012 09:20
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^^^^^ in the buy and sell section it would be ideal for you IMO steer well clear of sideways boards and paddles crap IMO, you are better offf buying a good namebrand second hand board if you have come off a mal you will be wanting to surf more and more on your SUP its great excuse to duck down to Arrawarra and have a surf while you are there I have just bought a PSH hull ripper 9,11 and love it

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> 9 months ago, 18 Mar 2012 15:17
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I shouldn'd stuffed around I just brought a Naish 10' Mana from Noel at "All Above Board" Lennox Head,good price,easy guy to deal with, also extremely knowledgeable and will help with any dumb qustions a new guy has.As always, pay the good money get the good gear,support local buinsses

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> 9 months ago, 18 Mar 2012 16:36
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How much was the 10' mana - look forward to hearing how you enjoy surfing on it

NSW, 8 posts
> 9 months ago, 18 Mar 2012 17:44
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hey Caltrano,nice car, The Naish wasnt the cheapest board I,d looked at,but the contruction was good,light weight and for fat bastards like me it floated really well,210 litres volume and 32 wide I stepped on it and it just,well, felt right I'd tried a NSP 10'6" good board not enough width or volume and an 11' Manulua(not sure of spelling)it felt sluggish .Have to wait for a surf report its blowing a 40knot southerly this weekend and I'm not that confident yet.


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