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LOST Surfboard at TACOOLA Beach in Geraldton

Created by alexd6 > 9 months ago, 3 Jun 2012
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> 9 months ago, 3 Jun 2012 11:34
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I lost my "Stone Surf Designs" white surfboard with a blue leash on Saturday 2. June 2012 at Tacoola Beach in Geraldton! Would be great if anyone could help me out! Cheers 0438782149

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> 9 months ago, 3 Jun 2012 13:56
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Just out of curiosity, how?

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> 9 months ago, 4 Jun 2012 13:16
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Ya profile sorta gives away the reason ya forgot it Alex.

I will get the missus to ask around as we live there.
Are you the same dude kiting who asked her on saturday if there was anywhere around there where there is no seaweed? Just seems a strange coincidence.

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> 9 months ago, 5 Jun 2012 16:50
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Hey mate, can you post a pic? Or at least some dimensions and I'll let you know if it comes into the shop...Kim


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"LOST Surfboard at TACOOLA Beach in Geraldton" started by alexd6