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Author shipping windsurfing gear
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Posted 23/02/2011, 7:04 pm        Report    
Hi Does anyone know how to transport WS gear from WA to NSW. Any recommendations for freigh companies? Thank you Nicolaas
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Posted 23/02/2011, 7:30 pm        Report    
Just sail there
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Posted 23/02/2011, 11:18 pm        Report    
Try removalist, they are moving house holds all over the country and I have used them before to pick up boards that I have purchased.
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Posted 24/02/2011, 6:28 am        Report    
Try - they are a cheap way to freight and from WA to NSW is far cheaper than the other direction. As with any courier you need to pack things properly to ensure that there is little chance of any damage. You have to do a bit of the paperwork yourself, but its worth it.
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Posted 24/02/2011, 6:47 am        Report    
I've bought a board once from WA (Ebay) and it was sent to me via Startrek. And yes, it arrived in one piece...
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Posted 24/02/2011, 8:09 am        Report    
Make sure you insure it. My last mast i had sent from QLD arrived crushed and the b@stards didn't want to know about it.
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Posted 24/02/2011, 3:27 pm        Report    
I pack and ship boards regularly and I'll warn you that couriers can be quite rough. Your board should have atleast three layers of bubble, cardboard around the rails, nose and tail, and then be placed in a double wall carton. This will prevent most bangs, bruises and scrapes but not the big accidents (thats were insurance comes in). If you do insure then read the fine print.
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Posted 24/02/2011, 8:03 pm        Report    
try the search function... this topic has been discussed to death over the last 6 months.
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Posted 25/02/2011, 8:10 am        Report    
pack it good and wrap it good my buddy bought a board for the carolinas - fox something or other and it arrived with the casing busted and NO wrap - shipment refused !!!!
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