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Stand Up Paddle
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NSW Mar 25-29
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NSW Sat, Apr 11
Sydney Int Paddleboard Classic
Stand Up Paddle
NSW Jun 19-21
Scotts Head Sup 3 Day Fun Contest

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Tide Times

Graph Legend

Gale Force - 35+ knots
Smelly Shorts Wind
35+ knots

Fresh-Strong Wind - 17+ knots
Fresh to Strong Wind
18+ knots

Moderate Wind - 11-17 knots
Moderate Wind
12-18 knots

Light Wind - 0-10 knots
Light Wind
0-12 knots

Light Wind - 0-10 knots

Read the wind speed from
the middle of the arrow.

Arrows are where the wind is going. Compass legend inside each graph.

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The maps will still be available, but if you use the top menu to get here, you'll soon need to use the "Wind Map" link found in the left hand side menu (...when Viewing any page via the "Weather" menu).

Alternatively, create a bookmark in your browser for even easier access.

Apologies for any inconvenience!
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Data for the graphs is sourced from the Bureau Of Meteorology, Seabreeze weather stations, NOAA, and other sources. Live Wind & Tide data is Copyright Commonwealth of Australia, Bureau of Meteorology.