Original Pacific Magic Plans by Paul Day

The Pacific Magic class 5 land yacht


At the 1993 Intra-Pacific Regatta (Pacrims) at Lake Lefroy a number of class 5 pilots from the USA, Adelaide, Lake Lefroy, Woomera and Christchurch all agreed that a one design class five was needed to stop us falling in to a future of very few, very expensive class 5's.

In New Zealand prices had got beyond the reach of many people trying to start in the sport and so the sport was dwindling. A similar situation seemed to be occurring in Adelaide and simple one design was needed to kick-start Woomera The 'Club 88' sailed in Perth by the Sandgropers LYC has shown by it's success that a one design was an effective way to revive and expand a club. Paul Day, Commodore of LLLSC was sailing a yacht known as a 'Desert Eagle' which was very light, strong and innovative in design.

Most of the materials were readily available and cheap.(John Nobbs sailing Pauls Desert Eagle Oct 1991)

(John Nobbs sailing Pauls Desert Eagle Oct 1991)

The chassis could be built with only a 100mm (4") grinder and a normal arc welder.
A set of A4 'plans' was drawn by Paul (not to scale so check measurements as you go).
The orginal seat for the Desert Eagle was modified by Martin Bell. Moulds for this seat are known to be exist in Adelaide (David Rose) and in Santiago De Chile (Jaun Enrique Quinones)Those at Kambalda agreed that we should keep the yachts simple, cheap and close to each other as possible. To this end we agreed that wheelbarrow wheels would be the wheels to use as 4.00 x 8" tyres are available world wide. Rims/bearing would expect to vary depending on local availability. So a standard tyre size was agreed on".

Materials list:Chassis Tube - the tubing used is recycled diamond drilling tubing known as NQ Core Tube. It is not the drill rod. It is often available as a savalage product direct from diamond drilling companies. Further information on this tubing can be found in the "Build a Lake Lefroy Mini Yacht" thread on the Sea Breeze website. If you do locate a new source of this material please share this via the website. Small quantities are available via Paul Day if freight can be organised.High Tensile Rod - We have later found that this was unnecessary and ordinary 12mm round bar was sufficient.Steering Components - From galvanised electrical conduit available from all electrical suppliers.Front C Bar Components - 3mm wall 25mm water pipe. (note water pipe diameter is internal and nominal).Wheels - are 4.00 x 8 wheelbarrow type heavy duty with 4 ply ribbed tyres and recommend either high speed precision bearings with 20 or 25 mm centres.Aluminium - Supplied by Capral Aluminium in most capital cities in Australia. Diameter and wall thickness as per plans. Composition 6106, Grade T83. (eg 44.0 x 1.6 6106 T83)If you decide to build a Pacific Magic land yacht please let us know how you get on and post a photo when have finished.

Happy building and sailing.

Paul Day
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