2021 Low Pressure

5' 10"
2021  Low Pressure - 5' 10"2021  Low Pressure - 5' 10"2021  Low Pressure - 5' 10"2021  Low Pressure - 5' 10"
North Burleigh QLDNorth Burleigh QLD



A1 Condition

5'10'' x 29'' x 5'' with a Displacement Hull

129 litres - weighing in at 7.3 kg

Has Rail Tape for protection from the Paddle, bashing the rail.

Comes with a custom made board bag.

Comes with a Dakine Foot-Strap if you wanna winging (I'm not into Winging) But I do extremely love going Downwind on my 18ft SIC SUP or 12ft DEEP Prone Paddleboard.

At 90kg the board is very stable (but just like any foil sport make sure you have a strong core) the lift is extremely SUPER fast with the tracks 14'' inches from the tail making the pump back-out very easy.

My reason for selling this Magic SUP-foilboard is I wanna go smaller, to like a 5'6'' by 27" inch at 130 litres - I find 130 litre is great for me as a heavyweight up to 95kg

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Location North Burleigh QLD
Payment Other / See item description
Model Low Pressure
Year 2021
Length 5' 10"
Price $950
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