Fu Wind Wing

4 metre
Fu Wind Wing - 4 metreFu Wind Wing - 4 metreFu Wind Wing - 4 metre
North Manly NSWNorth Manly NSW
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Brand new 4.0m FU wind wing. Wing and leash and bag only.

The FU is high performance - A high-quality wing you would expect and deserve from FU. Amazing power, rock-solid stability all of which lead to effortless control. When you are wanting that one all-around perfect wing from your first days on the water right through until the top level, this is the wing for the job.
A wing that is stiff and responsive that delivers easy and reliable riding. A wing that is smooth and has a progressive depower that feels 100% natural.
With only features that are there to work the FU wing has been designed to work. No gimmicks just a perfectly balanced wing that has just what it needs to make it work at the highest levels.

Medium aspect wing design with an extended center strut gives a stable and very controllable wing with good power, amazing upwind, and effortless flagging for unmatched down winding feel.
Progressive wingtip design minimizes wing-tip strikes, this makes a wing that is very easy to water start without the hassles of getting the wingtips caught on the water.
Dual Inflation valves (plus one pump) for maximum pressure versatility and speedy packing. The dual dump valves cut pack-up time in half.
EVA-lined handles with no seams underneath for maximum finger comfort and extended sessions
Re-enforced handle attachments for maximum durability.
FU wings run 4-5 handles (depending on sizes) for complete control, whether you want to trim your wing or just fly it with one hand the FU makes sure the handles are placed in the perfect positions for all conditions.
FU wings are a Cross-over multi-sport design for SUP, Foil, Snowboard, or Mountain Boarding, if you can think of it FU wings can do it!

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Location North Manly NSW
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Model Fu Wind Wing
Wing Size 4 metre
Price $899