2022 SMIK V2 Smik Wing

4 metre
2022 SMIK V2 Smik Wing - 4 metre2022 SMIK V2 Smik Wing - 4 metre2022 SMIK V2 Smik Wing - 4 metre
North Manly NSWNorth Manly NSW
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Comes with leash and repair kit. Contact us for current colour availabiity.
Version one of the SMIK wing, from all accounts, based on my own and others whom have tried other brands, (ie sup journal wing test) is that the current incarnation was the best surfing, most controllable wing on the market of that time.
With canopy tension / draft placement / angles of the tips / handle stiffness all combining to produce a powerful wing with a huge wind range due to efficiency in pumping up onto the foil and control when overpowered. What's astounding is all the "Big Brands" came out with versions 2-3-4 and have still not been able to match the original SMIK wings performance. Especially in terms of surfing/ downwind/ jibing, maneuverability and general control.
Points that we've improved upon..
Unparalleled canopy tension
Not only is the leech just tight. The whole wing now maintains its shape when de powered with almost zero flutter through the whole canopy. Thus, the reaction time from de powering to sheeting on is almost instantaneous. With incredible stability when in the neutral position when either riding a trough down wind or surfing holding onto the front handle.

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Location North Manly NSW
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card, Other / See item description
Model V2 Smik Wing
Year 2022
Wing Size 4 metre
Price $899