2023 Aztron Aim

2023  Aztron Aim2023  Aztron Aim2023  Aztron Aim2023  Aztron Aim
Margaret River WAMargaret River WA


Used once as demo, presents as new.

The design goal of the new AIM wing was simple, a high performance wing structure with innovative material technology and improved design such as increased segments, upgraded fabric and better wing span for free riding, cruising or rotational freestyle moves. The new canopy fabric delivers better tension for power generation. Combined with the reinforcement on the strut and rails, it creates more lift for hang time in jumps and easier handling in maneuvers. The slightly reduced window layout leads to weight saving without compromising safety and comfort. The result of all these great features is a new wing that will impress you from the first flight.

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Location Margaret River WA
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make (Other)
Model Aztron Aim
Year 2023
Price $350
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