2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Control Bar

2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Control Bar2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Control Bar2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Control Bar2018 Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift Control Bar
Safety Bay WASafety Bay WA
West Oz Kite



Normally $929


Stick Shift
Back Line Trim Bar
Fine tune your kite's trim using the easily reached and adjusted Sidewinder control knob. Twist in small quarter turn increments to add power, bump or nudge to depower. This intuitive, easy to use system is ideal for any size rider and ensures you have 'hands on' control when depowering the kite. At the heart of the system is the new ergonomically designed 52cm U shaped Groove Bar. Made with a highly advanced carbon polymer blend, this unique, lightweight design ensures rapid flushing of all sand and debris while offering easy inspection and access to all moving parts. Our adjustable sliding bar stopper, the R3 G-Stop needs no special tools or set screws to hold in place and can be adjusted "on the fly" while on the beach or riding. Stick Shift internal trim adjustment means no front line swivels, no rings, no cleats, no flopping trim line that's forever out of reach. It also means the front lines are clear for a safe and secure front line re-ride every time. The new Stick Shift control bar featuring R3's internal trim adjustment: Lose the strap!


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Location Safety Bay WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make Ocean Rodeo
Model Stick Shift Control Bar
Year 2018
Price $650
Updated Two weeks ago


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