2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil

4' 9"
2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"2019 Airush Ak Surf Foil - 4' 9"
Margaret River WAMargaret River WA


Perfect foil for entry level foiling.
The AK Surf Foil has a 60cm mast and is great for lighter wind kiting and learning to kite foil and perfect for prone surf foiling or tow foiling onto waves.
The AK Surf Foil with 1325cm2 Delta Elliptical Surf wing is also large enough to be used for SUP foil or windsurf foil (for boards that use a baseplate).
The Airush Progression Foil board is designed for kitesurfing.

Excellent condition. The board has a small cosmetic ding, shown in images.

Separate pricing:
Foil: $895
Board: $595

1325cm2 Delta Elliptical Surf wing.
X-Wing reversible rear wing.
Compatible with current Airush foil components.
Complete surf set with a 0 degrees baseplate, 60cm mast & bag.
Also comes with an extra base plate, with 3 degrees angle, that is suited for kitesurfing.
The AK Surf Foil is our foil wing developed primarily for surf use, combining a high lift profile with a stable delta design that comes up smoothly and pumps efficiently.
On the front wing, the elliptical wing tips are swept down for directional stability, while the delta shape maintains the key lifting area in the center of the wing underneath the rider.
The X-Wing rear wing is a unique symmetrical foil invertible wing that offers a huge amount of trim option as your riding advances. The trim system allows you to adjust how quickly the foil comes out of the water, so based on your body weight, skill level and wave height you can fine tune the foils response.
For the crossover athlete (You know we love those guys) the AK Surf Foil can be configured in pure surf mode with a swept down rear wing or the rear wing can be inverted for a more stable platform at speed such as kite or wake use, or when used with a longer mast and smaller wings and is compatible with Airush Kite wings for the kite enthusiast.

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Location Margaret River WA
Delivery Not specified
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make Airush
Model Ak Surf Foil
Year 2019
Length 4' 9"
Price $1,450
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