2018 Axis Freeride Foil

90 cm
2018 Axis Freeride Foil - 90 cm2018 Axis Freeride Foil - 90 cm2018 Axis Freeride Foil - 90 cm2018 Axis Freeride Foil - 90 cm2018 Axis Freeride Foil - 90 cm
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For 2018 we are introducing the AXIS Aluminum Foil. A freeride foil system like no other.
AXIS' unique and rugged G10 wings are designed with a non-laminar flow foil section which means that they are easy to ride and easy to maintain.
The red anodized aluminum mast sections connect perfectly with precision CNC machined fuselage and base plate.
Stainless steel torx screws connect the components with included premium Tef Gel Anti-seize lubricant for maximum corrosion resistance.
It all packs into a handy travel case.

Included mast length:
90cm (35.4 inches)
60cm (23.6 inches)
45cm (15.7 inches)

The AXIS Freeride Foil wings are CNC cut from very strong and durable Black G10 fibreglass epoxy sheet.
They utilize a non-laminar flow foil section, which means the surface of the wing is less critical than a typical laminar flow foil, so scratches or abrasions won't cause a noticeable change in performance of the foil.

The AXIS Fuselage, CNC cut from cold forged Aluminum, and CNC cut Base Plate have been precisely shaped so the mast sections fit in a 20mm deep socket. This provides the strongest junction and eliminates unwanted movement.

While the standard mast included in the AXIS Aluminium Freeride Foil setup is the 900cm (35.4 inches), we are suppliing optional masts in 450mm (15.7 inches) and 600mm (23.6 inches), lengths to follow rider progression and local conditions.

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Location Safety Bay WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make Axis
Model Freeride Foil
Year 2018
Length 90 cm
Price $995