2019 Axis

2019 Axis2019 Axis2019 Axis2019 Axis2019 Axis2019 Axis2019 Axis
mandurah WAmandurah WA


Important Note!: This is the Brand New K series, not the older defunct S series. This means a number of very important things:

1. Both the Mast Plate and the Mast are the same as the more expensive Surf Foil. "When we compared our newly designed mast (19mm thickness) to other masts on the market (15mm thick), we found that our mast is 224% stiffer".
My mast is 75, perfect to learn on and once going is really nimble...a lot of people are settling on this size unless they are full on racing in the ocean where they go a 90 or bigger.

2. It can fit the new 600 wing available. Not only this, the superseded S series mast plate had trouble fitting other brands Tuttle boxes and needed a modification (I was in WA surf and saw this first hand).

3. This means that down the track you can always just purchase the Surf fuselage which gives you access to all the larger wings.

From my experience having been on a few other brands foils - this new mast creates a very stable and smooth ride, which means you can progress really quickly. They are very easy to ride (with no give whatsoever in the thicker mast) but then can be opened up for speed.

This is the description and price of this foil setup. This unit has the 540 wing.

The duotone board is a perfect fit for kiting, designed just for that. Really light weight and low volume, I was up and riding in no time. Premium product.

So very simply pay around 2200 to 2400 new or get mine which is in perfect condition for 1500.

Essentially you are getting the board for free!!

Legitimate reason for selling as I want to move into Sup foiling, so need a Sup board - (hence might as well pay for a new surf Foil with it) as the water conditions where I live really suite this.

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Location mandurah WA
Payment Please enquire
Make Axis
Year 2019
Price $1,500
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