Flysurfer Speed 3

19 metre
Flysurfer Speed 3 - 19 metreFlysurfer Speed 3 - 19 metreFlysurfer Speed 3 - 19 metre
Port Melbourne VICPort Melbourne VIC


This kite is a beast. It has massive power down to about 10kn Will get you going when most people are standing on the beach. Awesome for cruising about and big boosts, and floats down really nicely. Ideal for heavier guys that want to get out when it's light. Really cruisy to fly, very forgiving.

This kite has the 5 line kit on it too, which means that when you pull the safety it drops out of the sky, I have been in ~20kn with this and pulled the safety and all good.

Kite is in great condition with no damage to it. It hasn't seen much use.

Includes Kite + Bar + lines + bag

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Location Port Melbourne VIC
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment PayPal
Make Flysurfer
Model Speed 3
Kite Size 19 metre
Price $900
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