2012 North Rebel

12 metre
2012 North Rebel - 12 metre2012 North Rebel - 12 metre2012 North Rebel - 12 metre2012 North Rebel - 12 metre2012 North Rebel - 12 metre
West End Brisbane QLDWest End Brisbane QLD


I refurbished this kite for a friend who wanted to learn but he never did - it's been sitting for 3 years now so I though I'd see if someone else can use it. A good was to get into the sport, and the lines still have years in them.

The good bits:
-never stretched our of shape so it flies evenly and well
-comes with 2015 bar which is well used but in very good condition with no damage and compatible with all other 5 line North kites.
-Has never had any major damage to canopy

-I've inflated it and made sure all is still well.

The bad bits:
-a few nicks to the canopy with minor repairs (all were there when I came to own it and I've had no issues)
-the rubber on the "octopus system" was quite degraded so I've replaced it with new silicone tubing (has always worked well for me)
-One of the valves in main bladder went so I've replaced the whole bladder with a new one.
-gaudy graphics from before North went all refined and cool

Happy to post at buyers expense (usually about $25 on the East coast)

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Location West End Brisbane QLD
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, PayPal
Make North
Model Rebel
Year 2012
Kite Size 12 metre
Price $200
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