2017 Ozone C4 - V6

12 metre
2017 Ozone C4 - V6 - 12 metre2017 Ozone C4 - V6 - 12 metre2017 Ozone C4 - V6 - 12 metre2017 Ozone C4 - V6 - 12 metre2017 Ozone C4 - V6 - 12 metre2017 Ozone C4 - V6 - 12 metre
Scarborough WAScarborough WA


This is a V6 Ozone C4 which is Ozones current model of C kite.

This kite has been brilliant and really allowed me to progress my wake style tricks, it has the wake style bar set up for four lines but the 5th line conversion kit with instructions to install is also in the bag.

Its flying characteristics are a very smooth flying c kite that gives good pop & slack when loaded up for handle passes, being ozone it is well built and durable and the colour scheme is pretty striking with no fade or bleeding.

If you are looking to get into trying c kites this would probably be your best option as the quality of these kites is superior to most brands and yet very understated and the support from Ozone is very good for spares etc.

One issue is there is a soft print on the leading edge that has rubbed off slightly however there are no flaws that compromise the operation of this great kite.

* I can deliver this kite but cost will be on the buyer which is roughly $100 dollars out of state or internationally with Oz post*

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Location Scarborough WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card, PayPal
Make Ozone
Model C4 - V6
Year 2017
Kite Size 12 metre
Price $1,700
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