2013 Naish Ride

12 metre
2013 Naish Ride - 12 metre2013 Naish Ride - 12 metre2013 Naish Ride - 12 metre2013 Naish Ride - 12 metre2013 Naish Ride - 12 metre
Fremantle WAFremantle WA


Naish Ride 12m including control bar for sale. Perfect beginner kite. No repairs, 1 owner.

What makes a good beginner kite? These three things: 1. Easy water relaunch. 2. Nice upwind ability. 3. Plenty of depower when flown through the power zone.

All of these factors are covered with this kite. I could swing the kite right downwind in front of me, let the bar out, and feel little to no pull. The kite keeps a solid structure, amazingly, as one might think it to be lacking stability while lacking a center strut, but not once have I felt or sensed anything structural instabiblity in this kite. The rounded wing tips allow the kite to better rotate with less drag while resting on the water, which makes relaunching very easy. The light-weight design makes it fly very easy which means that you can start kiting with less wind.

I would recommend the new Naish Ride to anyone looking for a simple, cost effective, entry level kite. The kite has been taken good care of - I bought this new and have never had any problems with it. No repairs.

Below is a link to a review from iksurfmag:

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Location Fremantle WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, PayPal
Make Naish
Model Ride
Year 2013
Kite Size 12 metre
Price $480
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