2018 Ozone Reo V4

6 metre
2018 Ozone Reo V4 - 6 metre2018 Ozone Reo V4 - 6 metre2018 Ozone Reo V4 - 6 metre2018 Ozone Reo V4 - 6 metre2018 Ozone Reo V4 - 6 metre
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The Ozone Reo V4 is the best wave kite on the market. Since its release in 2012, the Reo has been the benchmark that all other wave kites are compared to. Ozone made the wave kite category with the Reo and all other brands are still trying to catch up.

The Reo V4 is a fast turning kite, but the kite never gets away from you. Other fast turning kites can feel out of control. The Reo accomplishes speed and control by having enough bar feel in the bar that you know where the kite is without having to look at it.

The drift is unmatched. At any point in the wind window, you can fully sheet the kite out, and it will drift with you. Sheet back in, and you have a gradual reentry to the power source.

The Reo handles gusty conditions well. When you get overpowered, the Reo depowers quite well and is easy to control. You still have pretty good steering with the kite sheeted out.

Ozone kites are built strong. The Reo is built surf strong. It is a lightweight kite with a super short bridle so it seems to pop out of the worst situations with ease. We had no issues with smashing the Reo and when it rolled with slack lines, the kite went right through itself so you could keep riding. The low Y on the centre lines makes it easy to get your lines straight if they get crossed too.

Because of how well the Reo drifts, it makes a great kite for foiling. It flies well underpowered so you can use the Reo for your light wind foiling kite too.

The Reo is quite good at airs. It has more lift than expected and has a nice bell curve style air. The thing to watch out for is that the Reo is fast so you can get yourself in trouble if you are not careful. Since you can always feel the kite we were able to correct the oversteering. If you want to learn kite loops, this would be a good kite to try them out with.

Second-hand bar available (V3 Contact bar $400)

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Location Currimundi QLD
Payment Please enquire
Make Ozone
Model Reo V4
Year 2018
Kite Size 6 metre
Price $1,095