2019 CrazyFly Sculp

9 metre
2019 CrazyFly Sculp - 9 metre2019 CrazyFly Sculp - 9 metre2019 CrazyFly Sculp - 9 metre2019 CrazyFly Sculp - 9 metre2019 CrazyFly Sculp - 9 metre2019 CrazyFly Sculp - 9 metre
Sans Souci NSWSans Souci NSW




If you are looking for a bargain, this is it!

RRP on this kite is $1899 and the bar RRP is $738

We are selling the kite for $1050 and if you would like to get it with the bar that comes to $1450!!!

The bar is also in like new conditions.

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2019 Crazy Fly Sculp

The 2019 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range and ease of use.

Shape wise, the Sculp has high aspect ratio, which makes the kite slim and dynamic. Flat Delta shape offers smooth, stable, and predictable flight with progressive power delivery and amazing jumping, for a three strut all-around kite. The Sculp is renowned for its amazing low end and works extremely well for foiling.

Exclusive to CrazyFly, we use Triplex, the most advanced ripstop material on the market. Triplex has by far the best strength to weight ratio and with triple coating its durability is unmatched. The coating protects the fabric from UV rays, salt and abrasive objects, such as sand. Triple coating and three ripstop yarns ensure the lowest possible elongation and deterioration of the material.

For 2019, we have re-worked multiple details on the construction of the Sculp, such as brand new fluid flow struts, redesigned wingtips with more dacron and lab tested seams.

The Sculp pushes the limits of strength, rigidity and weight of the kite. With Strategic Dacron placement and Tailored Canopy, we created the most compact kite and the resulting performance is breathtaking.

The 2019 Sculp - One world, one kite.

More info: https://www.crazyflykites.com/kites/sculp

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Location Sans Souci NSW
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make CrazyFly
Model Sculp
Year 2019
Kite Size 9 metre
Price $1,049
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