2015 Takoon Log - Surf

9 metre
2015 Takoon Log - Surf - 9 metre2015 Takoon Log - Surf - 9 metre
Torquay VICTorquay VIC
phone (03) 5261 6077


Brand new 9m Kappa Series with a bar!
(Also have a 5m for $500.00
without bar)
In the Takoon series the LOG is the ultra versatile wing which will allow you to navigate on any type of terrain no matter what you do.
It's an ideal kite, in freeride, waves and freestyle, the Log is perfect to navigate with no bad surprises, no matter the conditions and your desires.
A unique brand new edge design that boosts its performance in light wind. Stress has been put on stability and on getting back in the air. With its 3 laths, the LOG is the all terrain wing in the Takoon range.
Freeride, surf, freestyle, foil the LOG is made for you.
Its ratio aspect offers incredible performances. the LOG is a perfect mixture between speed, maneuverability, and ascension potential. In the harness and in the helm it offers a good feedback information and great versatility the LOG is predictive and straight forward, you ll be satisfied whatever your program.
In jumps: the LOG will get the freestyle fans stoked thanks to powerful pop and incredible hangtime is impressive. You quickly make your landmarks between the wing movement and the digging of the edges. For the most hardened the very round ends of the LOG allows very low turns making kiteloops easier.
Unhooked: the LOG offers a good pop but unhooked riding is not its specialty, but still manageable by taking trim.
Freeride: the LOG will make you appreciate its capacity to position itself in the wind window, therefore offering an easy and efficient way upwind. The sensation on the helm is easy and progressive and its large wind range makes it a freeride dedicated weapon.
Surfing: the LOG is a stable wing with great capacity to go downwind and moderate helm pressure you will always know where the wind is situated in the window. The LOG is an ideal weapon to trace your first curves side shore surfing.
Very easy Re-Launch

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Location Torquay VIC
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card, Money Order/Bank Cheque
Make Takoon
Model Log - Surf
Year 2015
Kite Size 9 metre
Price $790
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