2014 Naish Draft

12 metre
2014 Naish Draft - 12 metre2014 Naish Draft - 12 metre2014 Naish Draft - 12 metre2014 Naish Draft - 12 metre2014 Naish Draft - 12 metre
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The Naish Draft is an amazing boosting kite, Its in Great Condition and comes complete with Bar and Lines.

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2014 Naish Draft Review.
The first thing we noticed about the draft is that it looks huge! Because the kite has a narrow design (short struts) it makes up the square metres in length. So right from the start we got the feeling that this kite is made for creating lift, drive and speed. This makes the draft stand out as an excellent choice for riders looking for racing performance, amazing hangtime and grunt for the lightwind sessions.

What we like:
The draft has so much power in the last 6 - 10 inches as you sheet in up to the chicken loop. This means you can crank the bar in for extra speed or extra height when you want to and the extra power you get feels like no other kite we've tested. Nevertheless, it also felt very comfortable riding along with the bar sheeted out half way and you still have plenty of power and tension in the back lines.
When you do sheet the bar all the way in, there is definitely some solid bar pressure to let you know that you are really juicing the power out of this kite. Considering it's aim of use (racing, boosting, speed) we would say that extra bar pressure is a good thing - it helps let you know where the kite is and adds some Va-Va-Voom to your session.

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Location Maroochydore QLD
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card, Money Order/Bank Cheque
Make Naish
Model Draft
Year 2014
Kite Size 12 metre
Price $600