2018 Slingshot Sst

6 metre
2018 Slingshot Sst - 6 metre2018 Slingshot Sst - 6 metre2018 Slingshot Sst - 6 metre2018 Slingshot Sst - 6 metre2018 Slingshot Sst - 6 metre
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The SST is fine-tuned to fly deeper in the window than most kites. This, combined with the kite's shape and bridle setup, yields hero-level downwind drift and steering response even when tension on the lines is minimal. It's the park-and-ride performance that you dream about. It pulls you into position, drifts with you like a shadow, then re-engages at the flick of a wrist. To better hold up to the surf, the SST features reinforced surf-tough canopy panelling designed to take a beating if it goes through the wash and a condensed version of our IRS bungee that cannot get wrapped around the wingtips.
The SST lets you forget about your kite and focus on the waves.

Package Includes:
?SST Kite
?SST Kite Backpack
?IRS Bungee Replacement
?Bladder Repair Kit
?Quick-start Guide

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Location Balcatta WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make Slingshot
Model Sst
Year 2018
Size 6 metre
Price $1,070