2017 North Nugget

5' 2"
2017 North Nugget - 5' 2"2017 North Nugget - 5' 2"2017 North Nugget - 5' 2"
St Kilda VICSt Kilda VIC


The Nugget TT is designed to perform in small to medium sized waves it is exceedingly forgiving and easy to ride. Thanks to the wide outline it's a great board for learning to gybe on and also works exceedingly well in light winds. The flatter rocker line generates lots of power in small, weak waves but also when the wind isn't up to full strength. Built using Norts' TT Construction this is the toughest manufacturing process they use.

The board comes with straps and fins, its in overall good conditions with a scratch at the bottom but still watertight.

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Location St Kilda VIC
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make North
Model Nugget
Year 2017
Length 5' 2"
Price $700