2011 Naish Gun

5' 10"
2011 Naish Gun - 5' 10"


New and unused sealed in box, Naish 2011 Custom GUN 5'10" - $500 (including bag).

Naish has used top technology and high quality composites in the design of the Custom Gun. The board is super fast, offers plenty of power and it is reliable and very responsive at the same time. The narrower tip and tail, combined with the slick outline allows the rider to experience a smooth and drag free glide. Once it is set on the water, the board is very dynamic and offers a unique sensation of freedom and power.

The Custom Gun has a slick shape and a narrower profile which allows it to offer unmatched speed and super responsve control. The construction of the Naish Custom Gun features hand shaped EPS core and laminate composite wrapping. The entire structure is enclosed it a high quality closed cell foam and afterwards plated again with ultra durable laminates. This unique construction assures a lightweight structure and significantly increases durability and tensile strength. This way, the board has a perfectly balanced strength to weight ratio. The Custom Gun series features two models, and these two models are more than enough for any rider who desires top performance.

Naish Custom Gun 5'10"
The Naish Custom Gun 5'10" is designed especially for high waves and powerful wind. The board offers a very smooth ride and allows the rider to perform any move he wishes. The improved rocker and outline allows him to tackle any wave without effort. The board is very reliable and offers positive feedback at any command.

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Location Cromer NSW
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit
Make Naish
Model Gun
Year 2011
Length 5' 10"
Price $500