2019 BWS Drifter 2.0

5' 9"
2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"2019 BWS Drifter 2.0 - 5' 9"
Brookvale NSWBrookvale NSW


BWS Drifter 2.0 Surfboard
5'9 x 19.6" x 2.4" - 28L

Kite construction. Absolutely awesome board, really strong and light. No damage.


Includes Ben Wilson Signature FCS2 fin set RRP$169

A Board for Every Day
Drifter 2.0 retains the magic ingredients we love and continues to excel in those mushy waves and smaller conditions nearly all of us ride nearly all of the time. Sure, we'd all like to kite peeling perfection in strong winds but let's be real, that doesn't happen very often. We need something that makes going upwind a breeze, a board that can handle heavy landings and loves to slide out and make sloshy conditions fun. With its flat rocker and wide nose, the Drifter 2.0 will get you in the water more and keep you there

The strongest build..
The manufacturing of the board is in Europe with Apple Tree Company, where a unique technology was developed to ensure the lightest and yet strongest board available on the market today.

Waterproof Foam
XPS is like EPS so it only works with epoxy resin. So no worries when you ding the board. just keep kiting and fix it later.

Fins & Straps
The Drifter 2.0 comes with a thruster (three fin) setup in FCSII. The Drifter 2.0 comes standard with foot strap inserts.

Dent Resistant
Strategically placed patches provide a durable platform for your feet. These patches are made from a super high strength PET honeycomb foam that is radically different from any other honeycomb on the market today.

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Location Brookvale NSW
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit
Make BWS
Model Drifter 2.0
Year 2019
Length 5' 9"
Price $950
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