2014 Naish Skater

5' 9"
2014 Naish Skater - 5' 9"


SKATER 5'9" - New. - $699

The 2014 Naish Skater opens a whole new world for strapless riding. It is the perfect choice for riders who want to ride strapless in small, medium and choppy wave conditions. This season, the Skater can be ridden strapped and offers solid performance, but it is still a strapless riding specific board which delivers tons of fun out in the waves.

No other board is as fun to ride strapless as the Skater. It can handle small and medium waves as well as chop and it can do it with style. Thanks to its compact shape, it provides the rider with superior ease and control for early planing, snappy turns and strapless airs.

Tight and snappy turns off the lip are assured by the use of an increased tails kick in rocker. Full rails are used to generate a loose feel and let the rider enjoy a fun session. The Skater features a full 3D double density deck pad which assures excellent comfort and superior traction. The thruster fin setup assures perfect control, as well as a loose and snappy feel. The carbon torsion cross fins provide optimized flex and a lighter weight.

Naish has built the Skater using a strong and light construction, based on a closed cell core wrapped in layers of high tensile fiberglass, lightweight fiberglass, bamboo laminate and double off-centered UD Carbon. Strapless and strapped impact resistant heelpatches are added for extra durability.

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Location Cromer NSW
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit
Make Naish
Model Skater
Year 2014
Length 5' 9"
Price $699