2015 Email Sending Software Emailbot

2015 Email Sending Software Emailbot
canberra ACTcanberra ACT
phone +441438940644


EmailBot is an automated Email Sending platform driven by Artificial intelligence to help you make maximum out of Email Marketing.
EmailBot is among the most trusted Email Sending platform where we have integrated automation with artificial intelligence to ensure that our user doesn't lose out on any opportunity while sending the emails. EmailBot Makes use of Dedicated IPS, Spam Filters, and Email Servers to make sure each email is delivered to user's inbox. We make sure of AI to make sure not even a single email goes to SPAM.
EmailBot makes Email Marketing an easy venture for all its users. Developed on extensive usage of AI, it is among the most efficient Email Sending platform available which executes automated tracking, sending reports, delivery reports and click reports. For all those who values time, money and essence of both. EmailBot is the platform to be a part of with no knowledge of programming and codes required, it is as easy as it can be to set up and get going. You don't even need to possess extensive knowledge or any expertise of programming, our all systems and its regular analysis takes care of that part too for you.
Every Email Send in SPAM folder is an opportunity lost. Be a part of Email Bot NOW emailbot.io and start maximizing your profits like hundreds of others doing it already.
EmailBot is super easy to setup and install. The support team from Email Bot helps you to set it up and get going. It hardly takes 25-30 minutes for Email Bot platform to be set up on your system and it is just a onetime set up to avail lifetime automated Email Sending.
After registering with EmailBot, you just need to Configure and select the servers and Limits

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Location canberra ACT
Payment Credit Card, PayPal, Money Order/Bank Cheque, Other / See item description
Make Email Sending Software
Model Emailbot
Year 2015
Price $100
, viewed 45 times


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