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Windsurfing Boards for sale in NSW

Starboard Superwave 143 litre 269 cm windsurfing board

Starboard Superwave

269 cm x 143 litres
Great Windsurf SUP. Planes well and really comes alive on the waves. Great...
$650 Starboard Superwave
Casuarina NSWCasuarina NSW
Patrik Speed 48.5 48.5 litre 228 cm windsurfing board

2021 Patrik Speed 48.5

228 cm x 48.5 litres
Super fast board only selling as its a bit to close to my other speed board in...
$2,100 2021 Patrik Speed 48.5
Kurnell NSWKurnell NSW
Windsurfer One Design Windsurfer Board 366 cm windsurfing board

Windsurfer One Design Windsurfer Board

366 cm
Windsurfer One Design windsurfer board with fold down keel and track with 8mm...
$100 Windsurfer One Design Windsurfer Board
Hornsby NSWHornsby NSW
Severne Dyno V3 125 litre 235 cm windsurfing board

2021 Severne Dyno V3

235 cm x 125 litres
Severne Dyno 125 235 x 69.5cm and 125 litres. Sail range: 5.5m to 8.5m.
$1,699 2021 Severne Dyno V3
North Manly NSWNorth Manly NSW