2019 Slingshot Foil Fish

6' 6"
2019 Slingshot Foil Fish - 6' 6"2019 Slingshot Foil Fish - 6' 6"2019 Slingshot Foil Fish - 6' 6"2019 Slingshot Foil Fish - 6' 6"2019 Slingshot Foil Fish - 6' 6"
Safety Bay WASafety Bay WA
West Oz Kite



120 Lts

This is the board for SUP foiling progression. We tailored every aspect of this board to make sure that you never outgrow your SUP foil board.
With two size options the Outwit is the SUP foil board you have been waiting for. Packed with all the performance and benefits you can want the Outwit is a board you will grow quick to love yet never outgrow.

Early take off tail design
High volume construction aids you in catching small waves
Adjustable track lets you fine tune your mast position
Carbon Fiber Reinforcements in keys areas handle foiling's unique needs

A versatile SUP foil board for small to medium waves, rolling swell and open-ocean downwind runs. The Outwit's short, narrow, high-volume profile is designed to make getting up to speed and catching waves as easy as possible, while remaining agile, playful and pumpable once you're on-foil and cruising.

+ Super buoyant for its length, keeps board compact and agile once you're foiling.
+ Concave deck gives heel-toe leverage for responsive turning and carving.
+ Sculpted bottom contour helps with early takeoff, prevents "sticking" when you touch down.
+ Pumpable - link wave to wave without touching down.
+ Short length makes traveling and transporting easier than with traditional SUP boards.

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Location Safety Bay WA
Delivery Local Pickup Only
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make Slingshot
Model Foil Fish
Year 2019
Length 6' 6"
Price $1,390
Updated A week ago