2021 SIC Rs Super Fly

14' 0" x 24.5 inches
2021 SIC Rs Super Fly - 14' 0", 24.5 inches


Ex-Display SIC RS (SF) SUP
Elite Race | Fitness | Touring
Size 14"0 x 24.5"

Get this ex-display board at a great price! The RS has become a huge favourite amongst paddlers of nearly all levels and garnering the prestigious SUPConnect "Race Board of The Year" award in 2018 and 2019.

The RS has now been fine-tuned and made even faster and stronger. The nose has been pulled in slightly from the wide point giving it even better into-the-wind performance, acceleration, and top-end speed. The volume from the rails has been stacked back into the top deck and shaped into a higher center peak to sheer water and pop up more quickly when the nose punches through chop.

The all-new Super Fly (SF) construction has been a massive leap forward in durability, stiffness, and overall performance. With a full PVC wrapped core to give the board tremendous impact resistance with its tip-to-tail, 360-degree rail-to-rail wrap few boards can compare.

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Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make SIC
Model Rs Super Fly
Year 2021
Width 24.5 inches
Length 14' 0"
Price $3,149