SIC Bullet 14

14' 0" x 26 inches
SIC Bullet 14 - 14' 0", 26 inchesSIC Bullet 14 - 14' 0", 26 inchesSIC Bullet 14 - 14' 0", 26 inches
Balgowlah NSWBalgowlah NSW


This is a custom, ultra-light weight SIC Bullet 14V3 hollow moulded on Maui and shipped to Sydney. Board was 3600K USD + delivery. Pick-up or shipping at own expense. Is in great condition. This is 1 of 1 in Australia as far as I know. Board comes with bag included.

A review below -

The Board

We have been able to test the V2 and V3 side-by-side. Let me start with the obvious, both of these boards are incredible downwind vehicles. Hence the popularity of the Bullet line. Whereas the V2 is forgiving, gets into bumps easy, and is just a ton of fun, the V3 builds on those traits and adds some advanced rider features. The V3 is flatter than the V2, which can be seen with the naked eye. The V3 also has a narrower than the V2. These two adjustments make for a board that requires a bit more balance, but translates into more speed.

On the Water

The V3 has a nice glide. In light wind conditions, the board planes well. Given the flater rocker, it requires attention to the front-to-back trim. If you get the trim right and keep the nose just above the water, those adjustments pay off. The real secret to this board, however, is its top speed. Once the board gets going, it really lifts and planes above the water. For those riders who are able to get downwind boards up to speed, they will find great benefit and fun in the added top-end speed.


The V3 is a fun board that builds on a great design by giving it more advanced features, which includes higher top-end speed.

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Location Balgowlah NSW
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit
Make SIC
Model Bullet 14
Width 26 inches
Length 14' 0"
Price Offers
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