2011 Naish Hokua

2011 Naish Hokua


Board $750
Naish CarbonPaddle $150
Naish Bag $ 50

$900 complete

The Hokua 9'6" is part of the Hokua series of board introduced by Naish in 2011. The Hokua boards combine the shortboard surfing characteristics with the high performance of modern SUP design. They are perfect for riders seeking reliable performance when it comes to pump down the line and perform quick tail slides or big carving turns. One of the most popular Hokua boards is the Hokua 9'6". It is optimized for wave performance, but it can also be used for cursing around.

The board excels when it is piloted by a pro rider, but also suits less experienced riders. It has a fast rocker which assures a good speed and quick acceleration. The hybrid outline makes it perfect for long and shortboard riding styles, depending on the rider's choice. The nose is wide enough to allow the rider perform cool nose riding maneuvers. At the same time, the special swallow tail provides fast and tight turns. The board is quite fast and snappy, but also stable and easy to control. A great thing about the Naish Hokua 9'6" is that it can be used with a thruster or quad fin setup, depending on the rider's needs. The board is extremely light and responsive due to the Sandwich Wood construction technology.

This is one of Dave Kalama favorite boards: " The entry into shortboard-style stand-up boards. Stable, with enough nose width to allow classic longboard-style riding, this board turns on a dime once you step on the tail. Great versatility because you have the option to ride it as a thruster or quad."

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Location Trigg WA
Payment Direct Deposit, PayPal
Make Naish
Model Hokua
Year 2011
Price $750
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