2018 Fangyfin 24 And 28

2018  Fangyfin 24 And 282018  Fangyfin 24 And 282018  Fangyfin 24 And 282018  Fangyfin 24 And 282018  Fangyfin 24 And 28
Mandurah WAMandurah WA
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I have a couple of test castings of FangyFin 28 cm for making your own lightweight woody version. See Swindy's posts on how to do it here:

They are the FF28 cm final design shape. These castings have poured really nicely and the surface is of good quality. These FF28 cm fins are SOLID. I can send Aust Post if required; approx $17

Final Design Production hollow fins in 20, 24, 28 cm are now also available by order. (22 cm coming soon.)
PM me on SB for more info.


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Location Mandurah WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, PayPal
Make (Other)
Model Fangyfin 24 And 28
Year 2018
Price $100
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