Kinetic Wave 8'3"

253 cm x 75 litres
Kinetic Wave 8'3" - 253 cm, 75 litresKinetic Wave 8'3" - 253 cm, 75 litres


This Kinetic board has been sitting in my shed for a while and I'm in 2 minds whether to sell it. On one hand the board design is now pretty old school being narrow and single fin, but this board is the best jumping board I've ever owned. It's the fastest wave board I've ever sailed and gets up on the plane way quicker than it ought too for the size (I'm 83Kg and it planes in 20kts). If I was living in WA I'd keep it for sure for jumping and blasting but I'm riding mainly Gerroa and therefore using Quads. I had some of the best sails of my life on this board but I guess if I don't use it I have to let it go.... it's in good condition (and light) with no water damage but could use some some TLC to clean the tail up where the gel coat is missing due to the board sitting on my shed door.

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Location Maroubra NSW
Payment Direct Deposit
Make Kinetic
Model Wave 8'3"
Year Unsure
Volume 75 litres
Length 253 cm
Price $100
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