2017 Naish Starship

90 litres
2017 Naish Starship - 90 litres


Come on...it's such a shame to have this board sitting in my shed with all this wind around lately...I'm selling my 2017 Naish Starship, 90 litres, excellent condition, amazing board and you are welcome to test it anytime.

This board would be an excellent upgrade for anyone with an older style board, you will really get going and have some fun!

$1,000 ono...$950 ono



"You could, truly, ride mast-high surf at Ho'okipa, race it recreationally, strap on a GPS and streak down a speed strip, go for cruise on a lake . if you're old enough to remember the Sunset Slalom then this is it's modern incarnation - on steroids!

"The Starship was designed for early planing, thrilling straight-line speed and easy, yet exciting, maneuverability. It rides super smooth in a wide range of conditions and allows riders the freedom to progress their skill level."

Everything about the ride quality and stance is smooth and easy and the shape beautifully compact. And then we checked the width and understood why. It's just shy of 60 cm wide and so the artwork's played an optical trick. Blasting around - permanently being tempted to race each other out to sea - it's easy to forget this is a wave test, but ride waves it does. OK the fin's a little large but it does turn, the board glides through slack sections, begs to be jumped and generally ticks a lot of boxes. Naish have created a true wave-slalom board here - something we think the sport's been crying out for since the early 90s. But don't be put off by the talk of blasting and speed - make no mistake, the Starship rides waves too - including onshore slush - and could be one of the most versatile boards on the market.

In the Starship Naish may have made the most multipurpose board of all time. If you like riding waves, going fast, jumping and having the most amount of planing-conditions fun - regardless of the sea state - then this is the undisputed benchmark.

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Location MARINO SA
Delivery Local Pickup Only
Payment Please enquire
Make Naish
Model Starship
Year 2017
Volume 90 litres
Price $1,000
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