2011 Naish Wave

225 cm x 74 litres
2011 Naish Wave - 225 cm, 74 litres


2011 Naish WAVE 74. New/Unused.

The 2011 Naish windsurfing boards are crafted using the latest technology and the best composites, according to the highest quality standards. They offer unmatched performance and revolutionize the way sailors ride. The new 2011 Wave is a powerful and agile wave riding machine. The board is designed by Robby Naish himself in collaboration with pro riders and champs Kai Lenny and Julien Taboulet, so it is guaranteed to offer performance close to perfection. The Wave feels very dynamic from the first moment it hits the water and can handle all wave conditions.

The board can be used with a single center fin or with a thruster fin setup, depending on wave conditions and rider style. Used with the thruster fin setup, it feels looser and has exceptional turning performance. The single fin setup adds more grip and provides extra lift when needed. The Board features soft rails in the front and middle area and thin, pinched rails in the tail. These special rails provide improved maneuverability in all wave conditions and allow the rider to perform various maneuvers without worrying about losing control. A new rocker line improves planning and upwind performance and generates a very fast acceleration.

The board uses a single concave bottom shape in the middle area to assure a stable and smooth drive. The concave absorbs the chop to keep the rider comfortable and relaxed. A V bottom section in the tail assures perfect release and improves the grip. An additional tail kick generates an extra power boost when needed. The Naish Wave is constructed using a Carbon Kevlar Sandwich deck complemented by a Biax Glass Sandwich bottom. This structure makes the board light, robust and responsive. The smaller Wave model (55) is perfect for kids and lighter riders who want to experience an exciting ride.

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Location Cromer NSW
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit
Make Naish
Model Wave
Year 2011
Volume 74 litres
Length 225 cm
Price $500