2018 Simmer Style 3Xs Slalom

96 litres
2018 Simmer Style 3Xs Slalom - 96 litres2018 Simmer Style 3Xs Slalom - 96 litres2018 Simmer Style 3Xs Slalom - 96 litres2018 Simmer Style 3Xs Slalom - 96 litres2018 Simmer Style 3Xs Slalom - 96 litres
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2018 Simmer Style 3XS 96L. Current model
Used but OK condition


Designed by the legendary Italian shaper Aurelio Verdi who has over 20 years experience designing market leading slalom boards. In the past 5 years his boards have won more Mens PWA Slalom Titles than any other shaper. The Simmer 3XS features some radical shaping concepts to provide a perfect balance between control extreme acceleration and top-end speed. All necessary to win any slalom race. The outline is crafted to give to the board maximum control in all conditions. With a step tail configuration the 3XS jibes extremely smoothly and re-starts quickly while also maintaining control in high speeds. The outline becomes more parallel towards the middle to keep a wider nose which is important to generate early planing.

- V from tail to nose with a subtle double concave.
- Parallel outline with a rounded tail to make the boards really efficient.
- Deck concave more forward focused than other boards because the concave is in balance with the flat section of the rocker curve in the bottom.
- Deck concave for stiffness and added control.
- Due the to rocker line and deck concave the 96 has a longer rail in the water, which effectively makes the boards faster with more control.
- Less tail cut-out on the 96 L to create a balanced lift in all conditions.

96 232 62 Tuttle box5.8-7.8


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Location O'Connor WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
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Make Simmer Style
Model 3Xs Slalom
Year 2018
Volume 96 litres
Price $1,600
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