2019 Slingshot Wizard 105

2019  Slingshot Wizard 1052019  Slingshot Wizard 1052019  Slingshot Wizard 1052019  Slingshot Wizard 105
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2019 Slingshot Wizard 105L

Floaty enough to uphaul but compact enough to fit in a station wagon, the Wizard 105 is the future of windsurf foil boards. If you're beyond the learning curve and ready to feel just how free foiling lets you be, this nimble little nugget is your magic carpet. Once you've mastered the basics of windsurf foiling, a shorter, more agile board is the natural evolution. All you need is enough volume to uphaul and pump to a plane. From there, the shorter the board, the more nimble and free it feels on the water (not to mention the easier it is to store and transport). With a more compact platform and less swing weight, the Wizard 103 allows you to progress through tacking, jibing, tricks and jumping in ways you wouldn't be able to with a larger, heavier board.


Short, nimble board for experienced foilers / or light weight weight sailors
Enough volume to uphaul
Low front-end swing weight great for tricks and transitions
Super compact, great for transporting or traveling
Built to withstand high torque and forces of foiling


When you are ready to explore new possibilities on your Windsurf Foil, the Wizard is the place to start. Once you have master the basics of foiling, the Wizard's low swing weight and compact platform will allow you to progress through tacking, jibing and tricks that are only bound by your imagination.

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Location O'Connor WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Please enquire
Make (Other)
Model Slingshot Wizard 105
Year 2019
Price $2,800