2015 Goya Nexus

8.2 metre
2015 Goya Nexus - 8.2 metre2015 Goya Nexus - 8.2 metre
Sandringham VICSandringham VIC
phone (03) 9598 2867


Superbly made with lots of detail and reinforcement, the Nexus can be used on an RDM or SDM mast. It has more luff curve than most sails and sets with moderate shape in the bottom panels, but very little profile above the boom whilst at rest. The battens are also completely pulled away from the mast, free from any rotation, and the leech is loose right from the clew to the head, particularly so in the upper panels. The 8.2 Nexus is a freeride sail for those who don't like sitting at home when the wind is marginal

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Location Sandringham VIC
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Direct Deposit, Credit Card
Make Goya
Model Nexus
Year 2015
Sail Size 8.2 metre
Price $600