2018 Simmer Style Helix V1

2018 Simmer Style Helix V1
Sail Repair WA


2018 Simmer Style Helix v1 Free Wave 95L


- Super fast rocker curve for high speed and early planing in both tri fin and single fin modes
- Smooth outline for predictability when pushed hard in turns.
- Wider outlines with pinny tails for snappy turns and control through chop.
- Extra thin front-center for a lively ride and grip in powerful turns.
- Double concave for a smooth ride though chop and for grippy turns, but with a flatter section between the straps for a livelier ride.
- Shape optimised for single fin
- Tri fin adaptability


The Simmer Helix is a fast high performance board that offers a fun and lively ride in a huge spectrum of conditions. Anywhere there is wind and water you can use this board and maximise your fun. With its new rocker inspired from our test winning Freemove board, it combines impressive speed with smoothness and control. The Helix is an easy board to sail, which makes it the perfect choice to get into wave sailing with. It can also be tuned to perform in more radical conditions. The Helix is designed to work with a variety of fin setups. It comes delivered with a Freewave single fin but we also recommend a tri fin configuration as an alternative fin setup. With a single fin, the board is a fast and effective performer, that will give many freeride boards a run for their money. With the dedicated tri fin kit the board becomes a true freewave style performer that combines amazing upwind planing performance with the best possible jumping threshold and an ability to handle waves from small onshore slop to serious sideshore overhead lips.

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Location O'Connor WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Please enquire
Make Simmer Style
Model Helix V1
Year 2018
Price $1,800