2018 Simmer Style Apex

2018 Simmer Style Apex2018 Simmer Style Apex2018 Simmer Style Apex2018 Simmer Style Apex2018 Simmer Style Apex2018 Simmer Style Apex
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2018 Simmer Style Apex. 35% discount
Demo set. All New.
Until stock is sold out

35% discount

4.2 $920. Now $598
4.7 $950. Now $618
5.0 $960. Now $625
5.3 $975. Now $634
5.7 $990. Now $644
6.2 $1000. Now $650


- Low-end power, high-end control.
- Wide range of tuneability and the ability to thrive in average conditions.
- Suitable for a wide range of riders, especially heavier riders, but also ideal for those smaller riders who are looking for a smaller sail with extra power.
- The compact design translates into an extremely stable sail to handle in the air, making the Apex the most suitable sail for high-wind jumping.
- Reduced weight for 2018.

2018 Apex has the widest wind range and the most power of all our wave sails. Apex generates and handles robust power levels making it a favorite with all our team riders for quickly getting planing straight away in less than ideal environments. Apex thrives in its ability to power through a big shore break, even in onshore wind directions, and gives the jumping aspect a healthy boost in all situations. Handling a vast power band with so much control also fits in admirably as the largest sail in one's quiver. The 2018 Apex has all the new school performance and handling capabilities of the Icon and Blacktip, along with the further enhanced stability of a 5-batten frame.

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Location O'Connor WA
Delivery Local Pickup, or Post
Payment Please enquire
Make Simmer Style
Model Apex
Year 2018
Price $598